On April 1, 2016, Kobelco Construction Machinery and Kobelco Cranes integrated their management organizations and launched Kobelco Construction Machinery as a new entity combining excavators and cranes, our two fields of specialization, and in so doing, we gained a powerful competitive edge.
Our purpose in joining the two firms was to promote higher managerial efficiency, strengthen our product development prowess, and enhance our global expansion, providing excavators and cranes of the ultimate quality, along with outstanding services, that will take customer satisfaction to even greater heights.

  1. 1.Higher management efficiency and effective utilization of management resources
    From development and procurement to production, quality and marketing, we’ve completely revamped our organizational structure and our operations. We’ve integrated and repositioned operations that formerly were done separately, enabling higher management efficiency and the effective utilization of management resources. As a result, our customers can look forward to more robust management.
  2. 2.Stronger product development prowess
    As a result of the merger, we’ve improved the level of our technology, through a synergistic effect brought about by connecting common element technologies, such as environmental technologies aimed at reducing fuel consumption and noise, and fundamental technologies involving new materials. We also look forward to developing new products and services by blending crane and excavator technologies, using ICT and other approaches.
  3. 3.Stronger capabilities in global expansion and readiness to meet needs
    We’re boosting efficiency by sharing human resources and integrating operations common to both companies at our overseas bases. In addition, we’ll be able to provide sales operations and services that are more closely tailored to the specific area, as well as greater convenience, thus bringing customer satisfaction to even greater heights.

By bringing excavators and cranes together in a creative fusion,
we’re delivering new solutions to our customers in Japan and around the world.
We welcome you to the new world of Kobelco Construction Machinery.