Social/Regional Activities Report

Contributing to Local Communities Through Direct Interaction

As a member of local communities, our goals are to build mutual understanding and trust, as well as growing relationships. KOBELCO seeks to deepen bonds with the local communities through direct interaction with communities and their residents and contributes to the revitalization of these communities.

Activity Philosophy

As a global company expanding our business into various countries Japan and the Globe and regions, the KOBELCO CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY GROUP is continuously carrying out community-based CSR activities in consideration of the importance of creating friendly relationships and building trust. With the aim of growth through a close relationship with local communities, KOBELCO is carrying out activities that promote interaction with local residents and provide support for their communities. A fundamental element is that the details and methods of such support activities are investigated and determined by our employees themselves who then actively participate in their implementation. These activities allow us to understand local characteristics, and what local residents are thinking and feeling while also providing opportunities for considering the role that the KOBELCO CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY GROUP must assume in society.

Additionally, when an earthquake or similar large natural disaster occurs, we contribute donations for recovery support, donate construction equipment needed at the site of the disaster, dispatch equipment operators, and other similar efforts. We are always studying what is needed and what can be done across a wide spectrum in order to carry out activities that contribute to people and society. The KOBELCO CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY GROUP has been steadily carrying out activity after activity in order to become indispensable to local communities and their members.

CSR Fund

The CSR Fund was established in FY2006 in order for the KOBELCO CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY GROUP to support and perform activities that contribute to society, and to actively promote the continuous nature of such activities. The CSR Fund also actively supports activities that contribute not only to local communities but also to society as a whole. The fund supports a wide variety of activities from human resources development to education assistance in all parts of the world.

The selected activities are drawn from the suggestions of our employees. Activities within Japan and overseas considered as appropriate for CSR of the KOBELCO CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY GROUP, such as conserving the global environment or contributing to local communities, are provided with financial assistance to support their smooth operation and ensure their continuation.

CSR Awards

Every year, the KOBELCO CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY GROUP gives a CSR Award to the most outstanding activity from among all the various CSR activities carried out by our offices or group companies. Numerous activities have been nominated every year since the award was first given in FY2007, with the selection for the award based on the following criteria.

  1. ●The activity demonstrates a signicant contribution to CSR in areas such as the environment, local community service and human resources development.
  2. ●The activity contributes to elevating the prestige of the KOBELCO CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY GROUP and improving brand image through CSR measures.
  3. ●The activity prevents an industrial accident or other type of disaster, or it consists of life-saving activities during such accident or disaster.

The conferment of such awards serves as praise and support for the activities while also encouraging others to perform even more of these positive actions. Additionally, the award serves to spread the word about these excellent activities so that they serve as examples for other activities in the future with the aim of cultivating even more excellent activities to invigorate such CSR activities.