Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

Management Philosophy

Through our "user hands-on approach" based on the needs of users in the field, we dedicate ourselves to satisfying our customers by supplying them with products, services, and information that have true value, while contributing to the creation of a prosperous society.

Business Vision

In order to create a recycling-based society that is friendly to people and the environment, we intend to provide our customers around the world with innovative solutions that incorporate our creative wisdom and know-how.
Through activities that maximize customer value, we aim to achieve lasting growth and become a leading global brand.



With a management philosophy that is dedicated to satisfying customers and contributing to society, all of our actions must meet that philosophy.

  1. (1) SIMPLE

    We think simply at all times.
    To satisfy our customers, we constantly consider what can be done for the community and society.The important thing is to simply judge a situation from a position of fairness.In doing so, we clarify our issues and objectives, making it possible to move forward without any doubts.In short, we simply act.
  2. (2) SPEED

    Speed is important for us.
    Rooted in society, our business is constantly changing. We remain attentive to everything, ascertaining the changes and quickly acting accordingly. That is what improves customer satisfaction and forms our basis for moving society. For us, it is about quickly making our decisions and acting on them.
  3. (3) OPEN

    We continue to be open.
    Regardless of nationality, race, beliefs or gender, we respect each other’s human rights and individuality. Our objective is to actively create a friendly workplace that actively allows self expression. The new values and free ideas that originate from such a workplace expand our future potential. It is our intention to continue creating an atmosphere for free-flowing relationships.

    We actively engage in communication.
    As our environment changes with every moment, it is important to indicate the direction to be taken by the team. For that purpose, we constantly listen to the voices around us and communicate to share information. An individual’s information is disseminated to the team and objectives are adjusted to expand our potential. With that in mind, we actively listen and communicate.
  5. (5) CHALLENGE

    We do our best when facing a challenge.
    We challenge difficult issues and find solutions through repeated trial and error. Even if we may not be able to overcome a current problem, continually challenging it can lead to a solution. That is why we never falter in our resolve nor do we find satisfaction in current situations. We will continue challenging whatever we may face in the future.
  6. (6) PASSION

    We do not give up no matter what happens.
    Whatever difficult situation we face, we take pride in our work and see to its completion. We proceed with a strong will and passion, because they are the driving force of the times. We must always be enterprising, learning from our failures and never grow complacent with our success. It is up to us to keep our passion burning.
  7. (7) UNIQUE

    We value our individuality.
    There are those things that only we can do; that only we can think of. Unique ideas are born from an unfettered free spirit. We recognize the values, integrate them and refine our individuality accordingly. In doing so, we will continue to be a unique corporation.

    We will continue to change.
    Our successes such as the skills we accumulate and our innovative solutions are boundto lose their value over time.That is why we must always look ahead and undertake the establishment of new benchmarks.We must avidly pursue innovation and attempt to top our past performances.

Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct has been established as detailed rules to act in accordance with the Kobelco Construction Machinery (hereinafter “KCM”) Group’s corporate philosophy. All officers and employees belonging to the KCM Group must comply with the code in performing their daily corporate activities.

This Code of Conduct must be observed in all fields of corporate activities in which the KCM Group is involved. In situations not specified herein, we go back to our corporate philosophy, which is the basis for everything we do, and act in good faith and with sincerity based on the spirit of the philosophy.

1.Compliance with Laws, Regulations, and Company Rules, and Action in Good Faith and in a Responsible Manner

In any corporate activities, we 1) comply with relevant laws and regulations as well as company regulations and rules including this Code of Conduct, and 2) act in a way not to deviate from our corporate ethics and social norms while keeping in mind our corporate social responsibility.

2.Realization of Sustainable Society and Care for Environment

  1. (1)In developing products, we contribute to people’s living and to building society by providing truly valuable products in a timely manner through creative product development which takes into account not only evident needs of our customers and/or society, but also latent needs of the next generation.
  2. (2)With respect to inventions, ideas, and designs created through KCM Group’s research and development, we 1) disclose them to the public upon taking necessary procedures such as patent application according to the provisions of the law and based on the KCM Group’s strategy, and 2) protect them by obtaining appropriate rights. Furthermore, we contribute to the promotion of technological innovation for the entire industrial world by actively utilizing such inventions, ideas, and designs.
  3. (3)In carrying out development and production of our products, we keep in mind environmental preservation and contribute to the creation of a circular society by putting effort into resource saving, energy saving, recyclability improvement, and waste and hazardous substance reduction while complying with relevant laws and regulations.

3.Customer-centered Quality Control and Services

  1. (1)With our exhaustive quality control based on KCM’s quality standards and under the slogan of “Made by Kobelco”, we provide our customers with reliable, high-quality products no matter what country they are manufactured in. Additionally, we ensure quality compliance such as proper management of quality data.
  2. (2)We establish a truly valuable service framework which allows for prompt and steady implementation of our services, with an emphasis on the following three elements: response speed, smooth supply of parts, and communication with our customers.
    If there is any situation which might cause trouble to our customers due to product malfunction or lack of care for safety, we will not only put effort into minimizing the damage by cooperating with relevant parties both inside and outside the company and swiftly taking appropriate measures, but also do our best to prevent recurrence.

4.Maintenance of Fair Trade

  1. (1)Relationship with Customers and Clients including Dealers and Designated Service Shops
    When engaging in business operations, we comply with the competition laws of relevant countries, and we neither try to manipulate markets arbitrarily through fraudulent means such as private monopoly or cartels nor engage in any act in violation of the laws and/or regulations such as restriction of price and/or quantity for certain clients or making of fictitious transactions.
    We refrain from providing gifts and/or business entertainment to our customers or clients so as not to go beyond the boundaries of sales promotion in terms of social norm and global conventional wisdom.
    We do not engage in any act, such as false information or fraudulent advertisement for sales activities, which may undermine the trust of our customers.
  2. (2)Relationship with Suppliers
    When procuring materials and/or services, we provide all clients with fair opportunity and determine suppliers and prices in a fair manner through appropriate negotiation. When engaging in procurement operations, we neither demand personal gains and/or favors from our clients taking advantage of our position, nor engage in any similar acts suspected as such.
  3. (3)Relationship with Shareholders
    We put effort into stabilizing our businesses and maximizing our revenue from a long-term perspective, and we disclose KCM Group’s business activities and company information actively and in a fair, equitable, and timely manner based on relevant laws and regulations.
    We do not buy and/or sell shares or trade securities using insider information of KCM, affiliate companies, or clients obtained in the course of work or dealings.

5.Relationship with Society

  1. (1)Each one of our officers and employees are aware that they play some part in our publicity activities. We put effort into earning the trust of society by accurately conveying the KCM Group’s corporate philosophy and business information and will continue to humbly accept opinions and requests from society and reflect them in our business activities.
  2. (2)We respect human rights in any business activities we do and we never discriminate based on race, gender, occupation, age, nationality, social standing, religion, physical disability, language, place of birth, or sexuality (such as LGBT and other sexual minorities).
  3. (3)We act in good faith and with sincerity based on a high level of ethics at all times, and we never engage in any antisocial acts or acts which may undermine our reputation or people’s confidence in us. Additionally, we will not have any relationship with antisocial forces/groups.
  4. (4)In order to build a company the existence of which is essential in society, we actively implement CSR activities, endeavor to make contributions to local communities and co-exist with local residents, and put effort into building a better future with our employees.
  5. (5)We recognize that highly reliable financial reports are essential in earning the trust of stakeholders, and we ensure proper recording and reporting of financial affairs, tax affairs, and accounting in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, applicable accounting standards, and our company rules. Furthermore, we will develop a framework and systems for ensuring reliability.

6.Relationship with Employees

  1. (1)We put the highest priority on ensuring the safety and health of our employees in all business activities as well as all processes from development to manufacturing to sales to services. We remain prepared for situations such as disasters, terrorism, and riot which may pose a danger to the bodies and lives of our employees. Furthermore, we minimize damages due to such dangers by remaining prepared for unexpected situations which may pose a threat to the bodies and lives of our employees.
  2. (2)We do not tolerate any defamation or harassment which may undermine people’s dignity. Should any incident occur, we will swiftly conduct an investigation and resolutely take action for the relief for the victim and prevention of recurrence.
  3. (3)In order to improve employees’ awareness of their full participation in business management, we not only promptly and actively communicate all business management information necessary in performing their duty, but also listen to the opinions and thoughts of our employees and reflect them in our business management.
  4. (4)We put effort into nurturing a corporate culture in which our employees can tackle challenges with courage and high aspirations, have strong willpower and passion, and follow through until they succeed. Furthermore, we will build a system which enables us to evaluate employees’ capabilities and performance in a fair manner.
  5. (5)By building a corporate culture which encourages unique and innovative ideas, we ensure the constant creation of unique and exclusive technologies, products, etc. which differentiate us from our competitors, and we continue providing new values to society.
  6. (6)We ensure harmony between work and personal time (i.e. work-life balance) so as to allow each one of our employees not only to fulfill their work responsibilities while working with a sense of fulfillment and finding their work rewarding, but also to choose and build different lifestyles at home and/or in their community depending on the stage of life they are in.

7. Relationship with Politics and Government

We comply with the laws and regulations regarding our relationship with politics and government, stay away from illegal/unlawful donations and political contributions, engage in business dealings with public servants (or those who are equivalent to public servants) in a strict manner based on relevant laws and without falling into cozy relationships, and we never engage in bribery.

8. Information Security and Disclosure

  1. (1)We thoroughly implement systems and organizational management which prevent the divulgence of our confidential information in all business activities, and we gather information from others using legal means.
  2. (2)We promote effective use of advanced information network systems and build efficient information systems both inside and outside the company. We neither steal or alter other people’s information through the misuse of the systems nor abuse the internet, mobile devices, etc. for our personal benefit or interest.
  3. (3)We appropriately manage personal information, comply with relevant laws and regulations when handling it, pay careful and great attention to privacy protection, and manage properly.
  4. (4)For stakeholders with whom the KCM Group has a relationship, we disclose truly valuable information to them in a timely manner based on relevant laws and regulations, and we never engage in unlawful/illegal handling of information obtained from others.

9. Business Activities in Overseas Countries

  1. (1)We comply with international rules as a good corporate citizen, respect society, culture, and customs of the countries in which we operate, and contribute to the local development by promoting a shift to locally-managed companies as much as possible.
  2. (2)We implement security export control appropriately, which aims at the maintenance of global peace and safety.

10. Management of Company Assets

  1. (1)Regardless of whether it is tangible or intangible, we use the company’s assets in an efficient and proper manner, and we manage them appropriately to prevent loss, theft, and unauthorized use.
  2. (2)We set up company equipment which is compliant with the laws and regulations, perform maintenance on them, and manage them appropriately.
  3. (3)According to our business development/expansion in the global competitive environment, we protect intellectual properties, which are created in the course of KCM Group’s business activities, appropriately as our rights based on the legal system in each country, and we use them efficiently and properly and manage them appropriately. Furthermore, we respect the intellectual property rights of third parties as we do with our own rights.

11. Development of Internal Control System

  1. (1)In order to improve our corporate value and improve the efficiency and transparency of our business management, we believe that internal control is an extremely important matter in terms of business management.
    By developing an internal control system based on relevant laws and regulations as part of business management, the KCM Group carries out fair and sound corporate activities in compliance with the laws, regulations, and other social norms, manages various business risks, and runs its business with high efficiency and transparency.
  2. (2)In order to ensure thorough compliance as a company as a whole, continued efforts toward the creation of an environment which enables officers and each one of our employees to act while always keeping compliance in mind is essential. The KCM Group will develop systems necessary for creating such an environment.