Brand Color

Brand Color

KOBELCO's Aspirations
for Safety

Our brand color "blue-green" reflects our aspirations, and
one of them is our persistent pursuit for safety.
Safety is a primary concern with respect to construction machinery
because there are numerous individuals working at a construction site.
As long as there are people and machines operating,
the priority for safety is first and foremost on our minds.

The linkage of challenge

"Keep challenge".
That is our spirit we continue to pass on
since our company was established.
Our distinct brand color "blue-green"
is a symbol of our major challenges to go beyond
the norms of conventional construction machinery.
We will keep challenge to create new values with placing
the utmost emphasis on our customers' views.

Harmony between Construction Machinery,
Society and People

The construction machinery that we intend to develop
is based on a "city-conscious" image.
They are machines that harmonize with the people and cityscape in terms of design and
function, while integrating with the local community and lifestyles.
Construction machinery should not clash with the environment and
it should blend with the city and be close to our lives.
That is what we aim for in our development of construction machinery and
our thought embodied in our brand color, "blue-green".