The construction industry is currently in an environment undergoing major change.

In concrete terms, the themes of this transformation are wide ranging; they include an increased consciousness of the safety issues of concern at jobsites, efforts to increase productivity, and considerations of the very ways in which workers do their jobs.

We at Kobelco Construction Machinery are of course engaged in the business of creating and manufacturing high-quality construction machinery. But in addition to these tangible products, we are also in the business of providing intangibles: solutions and services that address the abovementioned changes and themes. Let us continue to be a company that stands by our customers with offerings both tangible and intangible.

In order to do this, it is essential that we respond to emerging fields in manufacturing. This will involve not only optimizing our investments of limited management resources, but also working to bring about even greater innovation by actively promoting cooperation among industry, academia, and government as well as collaboration with various partners, instead of doing everything within the company.

The realization of a sustainable society is a shared challenge that the entire world must grapple with. The Kobelco Construction Machinery Group, too, will continue to advance consistently in this direction through our business undertakings.

The words "user hands-on approach"—our core management principle—are words we will keep close to our hearts as we aim through daily efforts to be a top global brand that is chosen not only by customers but by society as well.

Akira Yamamoto
President and CEO
Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.