Ever since producing our first large domestic electric shovel 90 years ago in 1930, we have been creating a wide variety of products to meet contemporary demands, by repeatedly taking on challenges and evolving ourselves over many years. This stance of “user hands-on approach” has always been in our DNA. With this aspiration, we strive to be a company that brings satisfaction to our customers by continuing to provide new solutions.

While we are experiencing drastic changes in our lifestyle and the way we work, the environment surrounding our business is also at a major transition point. By thinking outside the box, quickly identifying what society and our customers want, and taking shape a step ahead, we will continue to be an essential company in the world.

Without being afraid of tackling difficulties and by successfully incorporating new technologies such as ICT and IoT into our existing manufacturing techniques and expertise, we will continue to provide thoroughly stand-out products, exclusive services, and innovative solutions that lead the industry, and dedicate ourselves to be a top global brand that will be selected by distribution and society as well as customers.

We promise to go beyond your expectations.

Yoshinori Onoe
President and CEO
Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.