Directors and Executive Officers

Position Name Responsibility Areas
President, Representative Director Akira Yamamoto CEO
Director Shinji Kito
Director, Executive Officer Hideki Kinugawa Head of After Sales Division, and Oversees Global IT Systems Department
Director, Executive Officer Seiji Hirata Oversees Internal Control & Internal Audit Department, Legal Department, General Administration & Human Resource Department, Corporate Planning & Administration Department, Production Cost Planning Department, and Finance & Accounting Department
Director, Executive Officer Hiroyuki Hosomi Head of Marketing Business Unit and Head of Excavator Sales & Marketing Division
Director (outside) Katsunori Kominami
Auditor Akihiro Yamamoto
Auditor (outside) Koji Sekiguchi
Auditor (outside) Tomoyuki Nagawa
Executive Officer Motoshi Nishioka Overall management of Crane Business, and Head of Crane Sales & Marketing Division, Marketing Business Unit
Executive Officer Yoshio Nishida Head of Production Division and Global Production Control Department, and Oversees Safety & Health, Environmental Protection & Disaster Prevention
Executive Officer Yoichiro Yamazaki Oversees Product Development Engineering Division and Business Development Department