Kobelco's Excavator

Inheriting the Kobelco DNA
from the Development of the First Domestic Excavator

Kobelco developed Japan's first construction machine.

"50K electric excavator" was completed in 1930.

Continuing Evolution of Low Fuel Consumption

Kobelco excavators feature the company's unique hydraulic system. These units are capable of the world's top level fuel efficiency and CO2 reduction, made possible by optimally lowering hydraulic pressure loss, integrating it with a low fuel consumption engine, and also equipping a unit with an automatic idle stop (AIS) system.

In 2006, the company released the SK200-8 which featured a maximum low fuel consumption of approximately 20%, making Kobelco synonymous with "low fuel consumption". 2013 saw the sales commencement of the SK200-9 and with this machine, the company was able to reduce maximum fuel consumption by another 18% compared with the SK200-8.


Existing in Symbiosis with Cities

The iNDr (Integrated Noise and Dust Reduction Cooling System) is a proprietary noise reduction technology developed by Kobelco. It is a cooling system that reduces dust intake of the cooling components and also reduces the external noise of the engine and fan by adopting an offset duct as part of the engine structure.
Equipping the machines with this technology ensures low-noise operation of the machines and also improves maintenance ease.
The technology itself takes into consideration the environment, and can be used around schools and hospitals as well as for nighttime construction sites.
It also makes it easy to communicate in the vicinity of the machines and is also ideal for personnel safety.

In 2008, the 7- and 13-ton models which first featured the company's iNDr received the "Good Design Award 2008" sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion.

an offset duct as part of the engine structure



Kobelco's auto idle stop (AIS) system and iNDr technology are registered to NETIS (New Technology Information System) developed by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

"Superb Environmental Performance
for the Next Generation…"