Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Russia, Taiwan CKE1800


Main Specifications (Model: CKE1800-1F)

Heavy Duty Crane Boom

Max. Lifting Capacity 180 t × 3.75 m
Max. Length 42.7 m

Crane Boom

Max. Lifting Capacity 160 t × 4.4 m
Max. Length 85.3 m

Luffing Boom

Max. Lifting Capacity 110 t × 5.2 m
Max. Length 54.9 m

Long Boom

Max. Lifting Capacity 40.1 t × 12.0 m
Max. Length 85.3 m

Fixed Jib

Max. Lifting Capacity 26.8 t × 15.2 m
Max. Length 30.5 m
Max. Combination 73.2 m + 30.5 m

Luffing Jib

Max. Lifting Capacity 48.6 t × 9.14 m
Jib Length 21.3 m – 51.8 m
Max. Combination 54.9 m + 51.8 m
Luffing Angle 60 – 88 degree

Main & Aux. Winch

Max. Line Speed 100 m/min (1st layer)
Rated Line Pull 132 kN {13.5 tf}
Wire Rope Diameter 25.4 mm
Wire Rope Length 430 m (Main) 335 m (Aux.)
Brake Type Spring set hydraulically
released (Negative)
Free-Fall Brake Type Wet-type multiple disc brake (Optional)

Working Speed

Swing Speed 2.6 min-1 {rpm}
Travel Speed 1.1 / 0.7 km/h

Power Plant

Model HINO P11C-UN
Engine Output 247 kW / 2,000 min-1 {rpm}
Fuel Tank Capacity 400 L

Hydraulic System

Pumps 4 variable displacement
Max. Pressure 31.9 MPa {325 kgf/cm2}
Oil Quantity (at the reference level) 540 L

Self Erection Device



Operating Weight* Approx. 164 t
Ground Pressure* 103 kPa {1.06 kgf/cm2}
Counterweight 60.0 t (Upper), 20.0 t (Lower)
Transport Weight** Approx. 44.0 t

Units are SI units. { } indicates conventional units.
* Including upper and lower machine, 60.0ton counterweight, 20.0ton carbody weight, basic boom, hook, and other accessories.
** Base machine with boom base, trans-lifter, main and aux. winches (non-freefall) including wire rope, self removal device.

General Dimensions


Unit : mm

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CKE1800 specifications

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