Kobelco Construction Machinery Launches New Telescopic Boom Crawler Crane for Europe: TKE750G

January 5, 2024
Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

Tokyo, January 5, 2024 – For Europe, Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. announced the launch of the TKE750G, its new telescopic boom crawler crane with a maximum lifting capacity of 75 metric tonnes.

The crane is equipped with an EU Stage V-compliant Mercedes-Benz E9H01 (Daimler OM936LA) engine and continues the same basic concept of the G series lattice boom crawler crane models. The TKE750G will be available from mid-2024 onwards.

Main features

1.Excellence in design

The machine concept is built on the same tried and tested technology as the G series lattice boom crawler crane models offering high reliability, great utilization, and simple ease of operation by design alongside excellent durability and commonality across all the G series models.

2. Durability for foundation works

These machines are mainly used for foundation works using vibration hammers, auger drilling, and hammer-grabs for all casing methods, etc. The KOBELCO telescopic boom crawler crane series includes a larger engine capacity, shorter boom length with higher winch capacity on standard main/auxiliary winches, and stronger, thicker wire ropes offering higher capability of foundation works in comparison with conventional telescopic crawlers on the market.

3. Purpose Built Durable Boom Design

The TKE750G is equipped with an exceptionally stiff 4-plate box structural boom that has been designed for foundation work. The boom's light weight and durability have been achieved through optimizing materials, construction, and welding.

Thanks to the short boom length with a side deflection-resistant fully powered boom, the crane is capable of taking on any job, especially on compact job-sites. The crane is equipped with a 22mm diameter wire rope with a 7.0 tonne rated line pull. The main and auxiliary winches are positioned vertically at the rear end of the machine, helping maintain a compact main body.

4. EU Stage V compliant powerful engine

The TKE750G is powered by a Mercedes-Benz E9H01 (Daimler OM936LA) 7.697l water-cooled, in-line 6-cylinder direct injection and turbo-charged engine, with a rated power output of 254kW/2,000 min-1, that is compliant with NRMM (Non-Road Mobile Machinery - Europe) EU Stage V regulations. This powerful engine offers higher hydraulic performance, especially important during foundation operation.

Kobelco's KCROSS (Kobelco Crane Remote Observation Satellite System) is also retained on the TKE750G model.
Machines fitted with KCROSS transmit working conditions, locations, and maintenance history to provide owners with fact-based information for their asset management.

Main specifications

Model TKE750G
Max. Rated Load 10.0 m boom 75.0 t x 3.0 m
16.7 m boom 36.0 t x 4.5 m
23.4 m boom 29.0 t x 6.0 m
30.1 m boom 18.5 t x 8.0 m
Aux. sheave (Max.) 7.0 t
Main Boom Length 10.0 m to 30.1 m
Winch (Main/Aux.) Max. Line Pull* (Referential performance) 153.1 kN
{15.6 tf}
Rated Line Pull (Single Line) 68.7 kN
{7.0 tf}
Wire Rope Diameter 22 mm
Power Plant Mercedes-Benz E9H01
(Daimler OM936LA)

* Max. line pull is not based on wire rope strength.


*The information contained herein is as of the date this announcement was made and it may be changed without a prior notice.