Kobelco Construction Machinery Launches 3 New Crawler Cranes: CKE900G-4, CKE1350G-4 and CKE2500G-4

December 11, 2023
Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. announces the launch of its new G-4 series hydraulic crawler cranes with three new crawler cranes

- CKE900G-4 with 100 metric tonnes x 3.6m max. lifting capacity
- CKE1350G-4 with 150 metric tonnes x 4.4m max. lifting capacity
- CKE2500G-4 with 250 metric tonnes x 4.6m max. lifting capacity.

CKE1350G-4 / CKE2500G-4

Both the CKE1350G-4 and CKE2500G-4 are equipped with an EU Stage V compliant ISUZU engine and continue the same basic concept of the previous G series models. Both models are equipped with a new cabin for improved visibility, functionality, and productivity. These two models return to the lineup after a two-year period and will be available from 2024 onwards.


Together with the CKE1350G-4 and CKE2500G-4, the CKE900G-4 is also equipped with an EU Stage V compliant ISUZU engine and continues the same basic concept of the G series CKE900G-3. The crane is available from October 2023.

Main features

1. Excellence in design

The machine concept is built on the same tried and tested technology as the previous G series models offering high reliability, great utilization and simple ease of operation by design alongside excellent durability and commonality across all of the G series models - with the same ease of transportability as previous models.

2. Stage V compliant ISUZU engine

The new ISUZU engine in the three new crawler cranes is compliant with NRMM (Non-Road Mobile Machinery - Europe) Stage V emissions regulations.
The new CKE900G-4 is powered by an ISUZU 6HK1 7.79l water-cooled, in-line 6-cylinder direct injection and turbocharged engine, with a rated power of 210kW/1,900 min-1.
The new CKE 1350G-4 and CKE 2500G-4 are powered by an ISUZU 6UZ1 9.84l water-cooled,
in-line 6-cylinder direct injection and turbocharged engine, with 270kW/2,000 min-1 of rated power *.

*Engine speed is set at 1,850 min-1 in power mode.

3. New ergonomic cabin

The new cabin offers improved visibility, increased comfort, and simple operation.

1) Improved visibility

The adoption of a crossmember-less structure that does not obstruct visibility from the feet of the operator to the overhead panel and the lower placement of the wiper motor greatly improves operator visibility. Also increasing the wiper area ensures clear visibility. Furthermore, the Machine Learning (ML) monitor has a continuous rotating function horizontally and vertically carried over from the previous G series providing the operator with even better visibility.

2) Increased comfort

The highly efficient auto air conditioner has air outlets positioned so that the airflow directly reaches the operator's waist, neck, and face area. In addition, a newly designed duct that efficiently cools the space in a short time provides a comfortable workspace.
The seat and lever stand can be adjusted to suit the operator, and the slide width is increased compared to the previous G series models.
Other features include a sliding door that can be opened and closed with a light touch, alongside Bluetooth capabilities and a hands-free phone mount.

3) Simple operation

The new G-4 series uses Kobelco's traditional hydraulic control system. This enables intuitive lever operation - perception of the audible start of drum movement, precision operation, and firm stopping of turning at the intended location.
The ML monitor also features a simple interface that allows the operator to complete the machine settings with a minimum of operation.

4. Environment friendly G-mode

Kobelco’s environmentally friendly G Mode functions are retained across all new G series models.
G Mode includes G Winch, which provides high speed without raising engine speed, G Engine, which improves fuel consumption by at least 10%, and an Auto Idle Stop function for Eco driving.


KCROSS (Kobelco Crane Remote Observation Satellite System) is also retained across all new G series models. Machines fitted with KCROSS transmit working conditions, locations, and maintenance history to provide owners with fact-based information for their asset management.

Main specifications

Model CKE900G-4 CKE1350G-4 CKE2500G-4
Crane Boom Max. Lifting Capacity 100 t x 3.6m *
90 t × 3.9 m **
150 t x 4.4m ** 250 t × 4.6 m
Max. Length 61.0 m 76.2 m 91.4 m
Fixed Jib Max. Lifting Capacity 10.9 t × 18.0 m 26.8 t × 16.0 m 27.0 t × 10.4 m
Max. Combination 51.8 m + 18.3 m 61.0 m + 30.5 m 76.2 m + 30.5 m
Long Boom Max. Lifting Capacity - 44.3 t × 10.6 m 47.1 t × 12.8 m
Max. Length - 82.3 m 91.4 m
Luffing Boom Max. Lifting Capacity - 80 t × 8.0 m 150 t × 7.0 m
Max. Length - 47.9 m 61.0 m
Luffing Jib Max. Length - 53.3 m 61.0 m
Max. Combination - 44.8 m + 53.3 m,
47.9 m + 32.0 m
61.0 m + 61.0 m
Max. Line Pull *** 208 kN {21.2 tf} 234 kN {23.8 tf} 252 kN {25.7 tf}
Rated Line Pull (Single Line) 112 kN {11.4 tf} 132 kN {13.5 tf} 132 kN {13.5 tf}
Wire Rope Diameter 26 mm 26 mm 26 mm

*The value are theorical result

**Auxiliary sheave is necessary

***Referential performance


*The information contained herein is as of the date this announcement was made and it may be changed without a prior notice.