At the KOBELCO CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY GROUP, we are working to improve compliance as a basic standard of conduct for "Persons" exceeding all differences. We have established a framework for corporate governance in order to fulfill the social roles and responsibilities of a company, and to perform sound and efficient management in a fair manner. In order to achieve compliance, we believe that it is necessary to create an environment in which everyone from directors to regular employees are constantly aware of compliance and act accordingly. To that end, we have created new a framework, are carrying out training, and performing other actions to improve the awareness of compliance issues. We have achieved thorough compliance through a variety of measures.

INTEGRITY: Our Sincere Commitment

Compliance is a major principle for all our actions and philosophy. INTEGRITY is the most important attitude needed to realize compliance. We must be sincere in our dealings with countries and regions, companies and departments, clients and all of our one-toone relationships, and we must carefully comply with all rules and manners. Persistence in holding a highly ethical viewpoint and sincere attitude, never yielding to influence or coercion, is the foundation for realizing our corporate philosophy, including our corporate spirit. This philosophy is converted to personal conviction and then realized one step, one person at a time. This is the ideal that we are constantly pursuing

Compliance Initiatives

Based on the idea that a major precondition for corporate activities is "Strict adherence to compliance", we perform our daily work tasks with an awareness of the precedence of judgment criteria and behavior standards.

No matter the judgment or action, employees must always ask themselves, "Can I be proud of myself for having made judgment or performed an action that is sincere and with ethically based honesty?" We have been continuously providing employee education and training so that they will make judgments and act properly according to compliance rules.

In recent years especially, we have not only been carrying out activities to promote "KOBELCO CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY GROUP's Compliance" within Japan but are also actively carrying these out at overseas group companies. To carry out these activities, we are encouraging an awareness of compliance, while also further developing and expanding these activities to match local conditions with an understanding of differences in areas such as the law, social customs, and practices.

Training in Indonesia

Training in Indonesia

Measure to Strengthen Compliance Overseas

Whistle-blowing System

Introduction of this system for group companies in Japan has already been completed, and although it is a well-known whistle-blowing system, there are still some countries where such systems are not well known. The goal of the Compliance Planning & Administration Group of the Legal & Internal Audit Department is not simply the introduction of the whistle-blowing system, but rather to provide continuous support for all of our overseas subsidiaries so that the whistle-blowing system functions appropriately in each country.

For Southeast Asia, whistle-blowing cards, the size of a personal business card, have been distributed to employees with the contact information for whistle-blowing printed on them in order to make it easier for them to use the whistle-blowing system.

Whistle-blowing Card


Security Export Control Training

As one activity to strengthen compliance of our overseas group companies, the Compliance Planning & Administration Group is implementing measures for security export control.

Check Points for Security Export Control

POINT.01(Determination) POINT.02(Customer inspection) POINT.03(Use inspection)

POINT.01(Determination) POINT.02(Customer inspection) POINT.03(Use inspection)