Made By KOBELCO (Universal Quality)

"SCRUM5" Production Improvement Activities
Utilizing Advanced Technologies

S (Standard/Safety), C (Cost down/Create), R (Revolution), U (Ultimate), M (Manufacture) efforts are conducted
by KOBELCO's 5 production bases, while 5 divisions implement the company's improvement activities.
Together, they are referred to as "SCRUM 5".
This is an activity in which each of the divisions and production bases work as one
to achieve and promote the ultimate manufacturing revolution
for quality improvement, standardization, cost cutting, safety and more.

A wide perspective aimed
at on-site problem solving

The on-site improvement project started at the forerunner of the Itsukaichi Factory, which is one of the mother factories. This was an ongoing factory-wide undertaking of approximately 10 years which would later evolve into “SCRUM5”.
These activities not only helped KOBELCO production to evolve, but also solved on-site problems with the introduction of advanced technologies and the acquisition of advanced facilities, including work navigation using LCD screens and the promotion of robotization. The objective is to keep production flexible to change and capable of creating new values. To ensure that a factory remains competitive for the next 10 years, KOBELCO is pushing forward with activities aimed at creating smart factories.

Evolving to all bases to create
the next generation factories

"SCRUM5" started in 2016 and its activities are currently focused on the Itsukaichi Factory. The results of these activities will be adopted later into the operations of each production base at home and abroad. As it will be a factory-wide undertaking, the activities will be arranged to the issues that are specific to each factory. In particular the overseas production bases will require the assistance of the local staff to adopt the activities as the culture and climate of the workplace considerably differs from those of Japan.
There are several hurdles to be overcome in order for every production base to adapt the knowhow gained at the Itsukaichi Factory. But by accomplishing this objective, we will create the next generation production facilities that feature higher degree of quality, productivity and safety.