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Karakuri improvement
to solve obstacles

"Karakuri" is a Japanese word meaning "mechanism" or "trick".
It describes any device that uses the principle of leverage, gravity or springs
instead of large-scale devices and it is characterized by "simple", "handmade" and "low cost".
Like the production of cars or home appliances,
improvements are constantly sought for construction machinery production equipment
in order to enhance quality and improve productivity at the workplace.
One of those methods is "karakuri improvement" with ingenious and creative ideas.

The awareness for improvement exists in every worker

KOBELCO is actively involved in karakuri improvement that is said to be the starting point of production based on ideas from workplaces. In addition, KOBELCO conducts a technology exchanges with the Itsukaichi Factory and other domestic production bases as well as the overseas production bases in areas such as China and Thailand.
Moreover, KOBELCO exhibits several works every year at the "Karakuri Improvement® Exhibition" which enjoys the participation of over 80 manufacturers. In 2016 and 2017, KOBELCO consecutively won the Gold Prize at the exhibition’s handcart contest. This is just one of the many instances that demonstrate the production power of KOBELCO.