Made By KOBELCO (Universal Quality)

Production Power + IoT = Smart Factory

A smart factory connects all the equipment in a factory
by internet to collect and manage data regarding machine operation.
This information makes it possible to efficiently operate an entire factory
and achieve even higher levels of productivity and quality.

The Future of Production
Expands With the Internet

At KOBELCO, we have implemented equipment including various sensors and torque control nutrunners to promote on-site visualization of the production situation by means of IoT. By gathering data which was previously managed by individual workers for various aspects of production including quality control, production control and work procedure, we are creating a database to prioritize improvements and draw out the most suitable method to address those priorities.
In addition, we are planning to automate the operations by robots in the future. KOBELCO takes pride in its production power and integrates it with IoT technology to pursue even higher productivity and further improvements in quality. The company is committed to reducing work load and structuring its production system for even greater safety.