Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

My encounter with Kobelco’s cranes

Date of visit
March 2019

Cranes and those operating them

We sat down with Mr. David Stroup,
who serves as a general superintendent at
A.H. BECK FOUNDATION, a specialty deep foundation,
ground improvement, and earth retention contractor,
to discuss his thoughts on the project
and the reasons why the company chooses Kobelco’s cranes.

Mr. David Stroup
Joined A.H. BECK FOUNDATION Co., Inc. in 1996. Currently serves as a general superintendent.

My encounter with Kobelco’s cranes

“I believe it was around six years ago. When we bought our first Kobelco’s cranes, everyone was concerned about their technical performance,” said Mr. David Stroup, with an apologetic expression. However, all of their concerns were swept away as soon as they began using them.

“They proved that they were the simplest and easiest to operate among all cranes that we had ever seen. They are highly reliable, we’ve never experienced any problems with them, and if any issues do occur, KCMU’s Service Department rushes to provide support immediately. Their service is absolutely peerless. Even if we don’t request it strongly, they always provide support with great passion, and we are extremely satisfied with them.”

The historic A.H. BECK FOUNDATION has naturally used various types of cranes up until now. Among them, the company was especially surprised at the high level of safety of the Kobelco’s cranes.

“There’s a boom catwalk on the back of the boom, ensuring a safe walking space when pulling out the cables and checking the pendant lines. As far as I know, there has never been a crane that takes into consideration this much about safety before. When I saw it for the first time, I was really surprised.”

Until then, even if they wanted to conduct an inspection, they had to use a work platform and it required a lot of time. He told us that his favorite part of the crane was the “design of the catwalk.”

“Fall prevention measures are designed throughout the entire crane, so it’s possible to climb up and tie-off up there. A warning lamp has been installed on the LMI (Load Moment Indicator), and everything is set up so that it can be used with extreme safety.”

As you can see, these two types of Kobelco’s cranes have become reassuring partners for A.H. BECK FOUNDATION, the foundation work specialist. There’s approximately one year left until the completion of the foundation construction. We hope that the construction will be completed safely and successfully.