Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

Cranes in action Cranes in action Cranes in action

Date of visit
March 2019

Cranes in action

The Houston Ship Channel Bridge Project is
in the middle of foundation work.
We are proud to introduce the performance of
two Kobelco's cranes working under A.H.BECK FOUNDATION.

Houston Ship Channel Bridge Project

A major factor behind the development of Houston is the channel called the Houston Ship Channel, which is connected to the Port of Houston facing the Gulf of Mexico. Along the channel, many oil companies have refineries and various energy-related businesses are being developed. A.H.BECK FOUNDATION is working on the foundation of a billion-dollar project to replace the large bridge over the channel.

  • The foundation work site of construction of a southbound bridge.
  • The CK2750G-2 assists the main construction by transporting rebar cages and hoses, etc.
  • The left crane is CK2750G-2, and the right crane is CK1600G.
  • We pour water to make clay where we drill down. We connect tens of meters of water discharge hoses to use.
  • The CK1600G crane that a drill shaft is attached to.
  • We drill down 270 feet of the ground next to the canal which requires high technics.
  • The unique power system developed by A.H. Beck operates the kelly bar and drift shaft attached to the CK1600G crane.
  • The drill shaft digs up the clay that is stuck on the drill. The forklift strips off the clay each time and the shaft repeats drilling.
  • The rebar cage that will be embedded into a 96-inch diameter hole.
  • We repeat connecting cages on the ground and embedding into the ground.
  • The CK2750G-2 crane transports rebar cages near the CK1600G crane.
  • We embed the rebar cages vertically and carefully into the ground.
  • 9:00 pm: Finally, the rebar cages are disappearing into the ground.