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Assembling the crane


Date of visit
May 2016

Assembling the crane

Big cranes like the SL16000J-H can’t travel along a road.
They have to be transported to a site and assembled.
It’s a job that has to be done in an organized and systematic manner.
The assembly takes about a week.
Few people know the ins and outs of assembling a crane.
Let’s see how it’s done!

  • 1

    Assembling the crawler units

  • 2

    Attaching the axles to the carbody

  • 3

    Attaching the axles to the crawlers

It doesn’t look easy. Everything is so big! Mind-boggling stuff.

  • 4

    Attaching the center frame to the carbody

  • 5

    Assembling the upper structure
    Mounting the forward super structure

  • 6

    Mounting the right powerpack

  • 7

    Mounting the left powerpack

  • 8

    Mounting the back super structure

  • 9

    Mounting the gantry

MIC has such colorful cranes. It’s easy to follow which parts have been added.

  • 10

    Attaching the heavy-lift mast to the main body

  • 11

    Raising the gantry and the upper spreader

  • 12

    Raising the heavy-lift mast

  • 13

    Mounting the counterweights

  • 14

    Attaching the super heavy-lift attachments to the main body

  • 15

    Raising the super heavy-lift attachments

Once the boom has been added, it’s finally starting to look like a crane.

  • 16

    Assembling the counterweight dolly
    Attaching the left and right side frames to the center frame

  • 17

    Attaching the left and right vertical cylinders

  • 18

    Attaching the left and right axle units

  • 19

    Attaching the retractable beam

  • 20

    Attaching the counterweight dolly to the main body

  • 21

    Mounting the counterweights



Once the counterweights have been added, the crane is ready to lift heavy objects.