KOBELCO's Super Large Construction Machines
Leading the Industry

At construction sites, the demand grows every year for taller and stronger structures
as evidenced by urban redevelopment projects and the rebuilding of plant facilities.
To meet the needs of users responsible for building society, KOBELCO continues its challenge to develop super large construction machines.

The World's Tallest Building Demolition Machine
Awarded a Guinness Record

The building demolition business has become more complex as buildings have grown taller and stronger with urban redevelopment. In line with this demand, the needs are increasing for large size demolition machines that can take down buildings from the ground safely and effectively.
In 2002, KOBELCO developed the SK1600D, the world's first building demolition machine with a working height that exceeded 50m. This was followed by the introduction of the 100-ton class SK950DLC and the Guinness award-winning SK3500D, the "world's tallest building demolition machine" with a working height in excess of 63m. Afterwards, we introduced the 100-ton class SK1000DLC and the 200-ton class SK2200D which can be mounted with even larger attachments, maintaining the same working height. Now KOBECLO lineups these 3 machines as super large building demolition machines.

The Pioneer in the Development of Super Large Cranes

From the period of its previous existence as Kobe Steel, Ltd., KOBELCO has let the industry in the development of super large crawler cranes with its technology and spirit of challenge. In the 1970s, through a joint effort with a company overseas, KOBELCO developed the 5300, the first domestic super large crawler crane with a maximum lifting capacity of 300 tons. The technological knowhow gained from the development of this historic model led to the introduction of several models including the 5650 with a maximum lifting capacity of 650 tons which is the successful development as Kobe Steel, Ltd. and the 7450 with a maximum lifting capacity of 450 tons which famed "KOBECLO" to the world.

The Pride as a Producer of the Domestic Largest Models

Contrary to the dimensions of a super large crane, the required performance is very delicate. The larger the crane and its lifting capacity is, the larger the accident that could result from a mild shake is. The development of each machine was a difficult process with trial and error as we had to pursue not only performance and safety, but operability as well. As the years progressed, the maximum lifting capacity shifted from 450 tons to 650 tons. In 1991, we successfully introduced the 7800 which featured a maximum lifting capacity of 750 tons. In 1993, with the 7800 as a base, we expanded the attachment and counter-weight chassis to develop the upgraded SL13000 with a maximum lift capacity of 800 tons. In 2016, as a part of our effort to secure our business foundation for super large crawler cranes, we introduced Japan’s top-class models which exceeded the maximum lift capacity of 1,000 tons. One was the SL16000J with a maximum lift capacity of 1,000 tons and the other was the SL16000J-H with a maximum lift capacity of 1,250 tons. These models not only improve the crane capability but also compact the body in accordance with Japan’s transport regulations, allowing efficient dismantling and transport performance.