Low Fuel Consumption Performance
Produced By "Knowledge and Skill"

Low fuel consumption is now a feature of KOBELCO.
It is our technology that supports the world’s top class low consumption.
We offer original advanced value of the low fuel consumption , based on the users’ needs at construction sites.

ACERA Geospec, the Foundation of "KOBELCO’s Low Fuel Consumption Rate"

When an excavator runs on a daily basis, the fuel consumption rate is one of the important points that directly affect the profits of a user. With this in mind, we set our sights on a 20% reduction of fuel consumption for conventional machines. As a result of our efforts, we overcame the low fuel consumption challenge which enabled us to introduce the ACERA Geospec model in 2006

Beginning with the development of a unique hydraulic system that significantly reduces pressure loss of the overall excavator, we equipped the hydraulic excavator with the industry’s first Auto Idling Stop (AIS) function. By reviewing from various angles, we were able to reduce the fuel consumption rate by 20% without sacrificing the performance and controllability of the excavator. Its overwhelmingly low fuel consumption performance of the ACERA Geospec led to the cost reduction for the users and became the historic model that proved “KOBELCO’s Low Fuel Consumption Rate” to the world.

The New Model GENERATION 10
A Pursuit of "Low Fuel Consumption and High Durability"

KOBELCO’s low fuel consumption technology continued to advance after the introduction of its ACERA Geospec model. In 2013, KOBELCO introduced model 9 in SK series which reduced fuel consumption by 18% compared to conventional machines and sealed the fame of “KOBELCO’s Low Fuel Consumption Rate”.
In 2016, KOBELCO developed the new GENERATION 10, pursuing both “low fuel consumption and high durability”. That model further reduced fuel consumption by introducing a piping design that holds down friction resistance and minimizing valve resistance. At the same time, that model yields a new value as a next generation’s machine with considerable operability and durability resisting long hours of operation.

From the introduction of ACERA Geospec, KOBELCO has continued to advance and lead the industry with its low fuel consumption technology. Our challenge continues as long as we remain committed to the further advancement of this technology which was developed from our knowledge and skill.