Research and Development

Basic Technology Development System
to Create New Value
for Construction Machinery

Based on the knowledge and skills for construction machinery acquired up to this point,
we are jointly working with Kobe Steel, Ltd. to develop technologies aimed
at a specialized field and actively engaged in industry-academia collaboration to create new ideas.
Through these efforts, we are setting the foundation for a basic technology development system
to create new value for construction machines.

Technical Cooperation to Show the Maximum Strength of the Group

To meet the diversified needs of customers such as environmental performance, low fuel consumption and safety, KOBELCO is focused on research and development that adopt the latest technologies including three-dimensional CAD and three-dimensional structure analysis.
In addition, working with Technical Development Group of Kobe Steed, Ltd., we are reinforcing our foundation for basic technology development in areas such as materials and strength, mechatronics technology and vibroacoustic technology. It is our intention to yield new technologies for the next generation by making the maximum use of our original technologies that we have cultivated. We place a great importance to customers’ viewpoint, for example, by making good use of energy saving technology, safety technology, and Information and Communication Technology.

Industry-Academia Collaboration to Create Innovative Technologies

As one part of industry-academia collaboration, KOBELCO works with schools such as Hiroshima University and Okayama University of Science to develop advanced technologies that can be applied to construction machines. The purpose of this joint is to pass on and contribute the knowledge that is attained from the joint effort to the society. Starting in 2015, we are establishing a "Joint Research Lecture of Advanced Technology for the Next Generation" at Hiroshima University’s Graduate School of Engineering. Through this effort, we will digitize the "tireless", "ease of use" and other sensations of an excavator operator to analyze and use the data to develope technologies and establish new values. We are widely taking in a stance of open innovation with a view of developing innovative technologies.