The Power Wave of Change

Announcing ACERA GEOSPEC and the Concept of Beautiful Performance.

When we set out to design our new hydraulic excavators, we kept our eyes on the big picture.
Of course we wanted machines with greater digging capacity. But they also had to be fuel-efficient and economical, while imposing less of a burden on the local and global environments. Applying our advanced technologies, we developed KOBELCO's new ACERA GEOSPEC series, an entirely new kind of excavator that beautifully balances all the demands of today's construction industry. Lean and efficient with capacity to spare, these sleek powerhouses bring a whole new style to the worksite while setting new standards for environmental responsibility.


The "GEO" in GEOSPEC expresses our deep respect for our planet, and for the solid ground where excavators are in their element. This is accompanied by SPEC, which refers to the performance specifications needed to get the job done efficiently as we carry on the tradition of the urban-friendly ACERA series.

Efficient Performance!
The Value and Quality of Sturdy Construction!
“On the Ground” Maintenance!
Designed from the Operator's Point of View

Pursuing the “Three E's” The Perfection of Next-Generation,Network Performance

Greater Performance Capacity
  New hydraulic circuitry minimizes pressure loss
  High-efficiency, electronically controlled Common Rail Fuel Injection Engine
  Powerful travel and arm/boom digging force
Improved Cost Efficiency
  Advanced power plant that reduces fuel consumption
  Easy maintenance that reduces upkeep costs
  High structural durability and reliability that retain machine value longer
Features That Go Easy on the Earth
  Meets the latest exhaust emission standards
  Auto Idling Stop as standard equipment
  Noise reduction measures (with improvement of the sound quality) minimize noise and vibration

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