ACERA Geospec

The GEOSPEC Difference: The Value and Quality of Sturdy Construction!

Stable Attachment Strength

  Forged and cast components are used throughout. The
  arm tip's cross-sectional coefficient is 15 % higher that
  previous models, giving the arm the same strength as
  the 3-faced reinforced arm that was offered only as an
  option before. The strength of the boom foot has also
  been increased, by 18 %. (SK200)

Enhanced Upper Carbody Strength

  The structure of the lower portion of the upper frame has been reassessed and the undercover area has been minimized. Also, the
  side deck's cross-sectional strength has been boosted by 50 %. (SK200)

Emergency Acceleration (Dial) Permits Continued Operation in the Unlikely Event of Malfunction

If unexpected trouble is experienced with the ITCS mechatronic control system, the machine can still be operated using the emergency acceleration system. Digging modes are also automatically relayed to an emergency system so that digging can continue temporarily until a service person arrives to repair the primary system.

Newly designed MCU

 Vertical alignment and sealed cover gives better protection from water and dust
 Integration in base plate boosts assembly quality
 Reliable fixture to base plate

Durability That Retains Machine Value Five and Ten Years in the Future

 New operator's seat covered in durable, material
 High-quality urethane paint
 Easily repaired bolted hand rails

Double-Element Air Cleaner as Standard
The large-capacity element fea-tures a double-filter structure that keeps the engine running clean even in dusty environments.
  Air cleaner (double element)
High-Grade Fuel Filter with Superior Filtration Performance
The high-performance, large capacity filter is designed specially for the common-rail fuel-injection engine.
Countermeasures Against Electrical System Failure
  All elements of the electrical system, including controller, have
  been designed for enhanced reliability.
Large-Capacity Pump Resists Overheating
  The pump capacity has been increased by 22 %
  compared with previous models. (SK200)

The GEOSPEC Difference:  Designed for the Environment and the Future!

Meets Standard Values Set by Emissions Regulations

The engine used in the GEOSPEC machines represents the crystallization of various cutting-edge technologies that minimize the emission of PM (Particulate Matter), NOx, black smoke, and other emissions, thus meeting all internationally recognized environmental regulations, including US EPA Tier III, NRMM (Europe) Stage IIIA, and and the latest Japanese regulations.

Auto Idling Stop Provided as Standard Equipment

This function saves fuel and cuts emissions by shutting down the engine automatically when the machine is on stand by. It also stops the hourmeter, which helps to retain the machine's asset value.

Meets EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) Standards in Europe.

  Measures have been taken to ensure that the GEOSPEC
  machines do not cause electro-magnetic interference.

Automatic Acceleration/Deceleration Function Reduces Engine Speed

  Engine speed is automatically reduced when the control lever is placed in neutral, effectively saving fuel and reducing noise and exhaust emissions. The engine quickly returns to full speed when the lever is moved out of neutral.

Low Noise Level and Mild Sound Quality

The electronically controlled common-rail engine has a unique fuel injection system that runs quietly. Also, the hydraulic pumps have been redesigned to produce a more pleasant sound during pressure relief. In short, the GEOSPEC series meets all requirements cited in latest EU stage II.

“On the Ground” Maintenance!

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