ACERA Geospec

The GEOSPEC Difference:Designed from the Operator's Point of View

Wide Field of View Liberates the Operator

  The front field of view easily clears ISO standards, while the
  peripheral view reduces blind spots to a minimum.
   A long wiper covers a wide area for a broad view in bad weather.
   Back mirrors provide a safe view of the rear.
   Reinforced green glass windows meet European standards.

Wide-Access Cab Ensures Smooth Entry and Exit

The left control box lifts up with the safety lock lever to add 10° to the cab entry angle for easy entrance and exit.

Newly Designed Information Display Prioritizes Visual Recognition

The analog gauge provides information that's easy to read regardless of the operating environment. The information display screen has been enlarged, and a visor is attached to further enhance visibility.

Plenty of Foot Room

With a total width of 1,005 mm, the cab has 35 mm more front-to-back foot room than previous models. The travel pedal is larger for greater operator comfort.

Reduced Vibration for Fatigue-Free Operation

The rigid cab construction and liquid-filled viscous cab mounts minimize cab vibration. In addition, the use of new lower rollers on the crawlers cuts travel vibration in half compared with previous models.

In-Cab Noise is Reduced by 3dB Compared with Previous Models.

Creating a Comfortable Operating Environment
Seat can be reclined to horizontal position
Seat can be reclined to horizontal position
Double slide seat Powerful automatic air conditioner
Double slide seat Powerful automatic air conditioner
Spacious luggage tray Large cup holder

Spacious luggage tray

Large cup holder

One-touch lock release simplifies opening and closing the front window

 Two-speaker FM radio with station select
 New interior design and materials create an elegant feel

One-touch lock release simplifies opening and closing the front window

The GEOSPEC Difference:Imagining Possible Scenarios and Preparing in Advance

Bracket for Attaching a Head Guard Provided as Standard Equipment

A bracket is provided as standard equipment that allows the optional head guard to be simply bolted on.

Safety Features That Take Various Scenarios into Consideration

   Firewall separates the pump
  compartment from the engine

Hammer for emergency exit

   Hammer for emergency exit

Swing flashers/rear working lights

   Swing flashers/rear working lights

Thermal guard prevents contact with hot components during engine inspections
Hand rails meet European standards
Retractable seatbelt requires no manual adjustment

Optional Features That Further Enhance Safety
Cab operating light Fire extinguisher
Rearview camera and monitor One-way call
Yellow swing warning light

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