Tojo Parts Logistics Center 360° panorama FACTORY TOUR

The Tojo Parts Logistics Center is the main logistics center responsible for
supplying Kobelco Construction Machinery parts in Japan and overseas.
We have constructed a logistics warehouse with approximately
25,000 square meters of floor space on a 100,000 square-meter site,
where several hundred thousand parts are handled.

We deliver high-quality genuine parts to customers around the world in a timely manner
thanks to the technologies and digital transformation (DX) we've developed
to keep customer job sites running without delays.

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As well as working around the world developing products that increase the added value at customer job sites, we are also improving the quality of our services and support to ensure that machines always function when they need to.

We have established three parts centers in Japan and one overseas, and conduct thorough management of our parts inventory to be able to deal with various problems, based on data we have accumulated. We work with our front-line service staff to deliver an integrated system for parts supply, service and support that meets our customers' need for fast deliveries.

The new established Tojo Parts Logistics center is a location that provides faster and more accurate supply of parts. With advance system automation, allows us to make the most of our accumulated knowledge to offer "next level" support at customer's job sites.




Watching over every step in the chain

A fast supply is the most important requirement for avoiding downtime at work sites. We have created a faster supply system by introducing cutting-edge storage equipment that responds to orders immediately along with a system that streamlines sorting.



Our goal is to give our customers peace of mind

An essential condition of quality is that each and every requirement of the work site must be accurately met, and parts must be delivered without error.
In order to prevent human error, we add all our parts to a database and standardize our workflow, as well as performing thorough quality control to ensure we always meet the high levels required.


The statement of delivery of the received parts is read with a handheld terminal which then issues a management label.
This label is used to manage each part separately.

Standardizing the work at each step in the process ensures there is no human error.
As part of these standardization efforts, we have created a database containing weights, dimensions, images, and handling precautions for each part.


In order to efficiently store parts that come in various weights, shapes and sizes, different types of storage equipment have been introduced to different sections.
One of these is the state-of-the-art AutoStoreTM storage system.

The device used for picking work, and displays pictures of parts, dimensions, and handling precautions.
This prevents errors while working and helps to detect quality defects.
It is important that a large number of parts are stored in the center to make immediate shipment possible.
Various types of storage equipment are used to ensure that parts are stored efficiently.
The system also manages the work schedule, ensuring we are working efficiently.

You can view a 360° panoramic video of the AutoStoreTM using the link below.



The commodification process involves the packaging of products.
Details are displayed on the PC screen, and can be followed while working on the actual product to help prevent any errors.

We are also packaging parts needed for regular maintenance and parts that can break easily together as kits.
This allows us to deliver them to customers quickly, and lets customers conveniently order multiple parts with a single part number.


We carry out all stages of packing and shipping parts for international markets, right up to the loading stage (loading shipments into containers when shipping overseas).

Loading parts into shipping containers is now carried out in-house.
Time spent on outsourcing transportation, adjustments, and waiting time has been eliminated, approximately halving the lead time from order receipt to delivery completion.
By making reinforced cardboard pallets designed specifically for the parts to be shipped, we also minimize packaging size, ensuring quality while reducing transportation costs.


We also prepare and package parts for the domestic market. After packaging, the attaching of shipping labels and the transporting of cargo to the delivery lanes for each carrier are fully automated, reducing labor requirements.

After receiving the parts, we sort the parts by customer before sending them, so that retail service staff can quickly get the parts to our customers.
Our DAS system automatically tells us how to sort parts, reducing the time spent searching shelves and preventing human error.

We introduced AutoStoreTM, a cutting-edge large-scale warehouse, to our Tojo Parts Logistics Center.
AutoStoreTM is an automatic warehouse picking system where goods are densely packed into dedicated containers from where robot cars load and unload goods. In the Tojo Parts Logistics Center, over 90,000 parts are stored in a floor area of 1,200m2.

Unlike conventional storage and retrieval, robots automatically carry goods directly to the workers. It's a convenient facility fitting the labor shortage era that reduces worker workload and is labor-saving.
This leads to high-quality and speedy supplying of parts.

Watch the AutoStoreTM video
Watch 360° panoramic video