As one of the mother factories in the KOBELCO CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY GROUP,
the Itsukaichi Factory aims to be the number 1 producer in the world
through the highest standards of safety, quality, and productivity.

There, we are responsible for the production of medium, large hydraulic excavators
and environmental recycling machines in the range of 7 to 220 tons.
The safe and comfortable working environment is a kind of our pride to manufacturing.

These ideas are encompassed in the Itsukaichi Factory’s “Smart & Clean” concept.

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Steel fabrication

Seeing machines in action is my motivation

After welding and machining the frame,
it is transported by conveyor to the painting process.

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MOVIEWatch interview
Lower frame steel fabrication team Risa Miyashita
Lower frame steel fabrication teamRisa Miyashita


To create better products, we need mutual bond based on trust

The painting process, including the under and over coats,
shot blasting, and drying, is all done on an assembly line.

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MOVIEWatch interview
ATT (Attachment) painting team Kunihiko Kaneda
ATT (Attachment) painting teamKunihiko Kaneda

Sub assembly

Our approach to manufacturing is the careful execution of each step

We assemble the piping for all the devices such as the engine and pump.

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MOVIEWatch interview
Sub-assembly team 1 Ryusei Suwa
Sub-assembly team 1Ryusei Suwa

Body assembly

Focusing on post-processes also has an effect on product quality

After all of the devices are assembled, the body of the lower and upper, and attachments must be assembled.

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MOVIEWatch interview
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Upper assembly team 2 leader Satoshi Takagi
Upper assembly team 2 leaderSatoshi Takagi

Lower/upper structure docking

The most important things are working together and breathing together

Here, the lower and upper frames are docked.
The swing bearing is tightened using a specialized device.

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MOVIEWatch interview
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Main assembly team 1 Kousuke Ukita
Main assembly team 1Kousuke Ukita

Main assembly

We must be constantly thinking about safety

Mounting the counterweight and cab gives
the hydraulic excavator its final form.

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MOVIEWatch interview
Main assembly team 2 Akiya Tokuda
Main assembly team 2Akiya Tokuda

Rigging and testing

To be the last defense, never let defects slip by

Final inspections are performed to test hydraulic leaks,
functional issues, etc. Decals are then affixed, completing the manufacturing process.

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MOVIEWatch interview
Testing team Ryota Ooue
Testing teamRyota Ooue


A beautiful finish leads to customer satisfactions

The final preparations are performed
so that the excavator can be delivered to the customer.

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MOVIEWatch interview
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Shipping team 2  Akane Kamata
Shipping team 2Akane Kamata