A high performance crane developed through an optimal fusion of large and small crane technology

Suited to various tasks on-site

This midsized model, positioned midway between large and small cranes, is highly versatile and adaptable, handling
a large range of applications in a single machine.

Superior handling on rough sites

It has high ground clearance and a quatro propel system for exceptional performance on rough sites and other poor
ground conditions, and is capable of climbing 20% gradients

Safe and comfortable for operators

Mobility performance for immediate operation


    Special Site Open!


    Model CK3300G-2 CKE3000G CKS3000
    Standard Max. Lifting Capacity 661,300lbs x 18.1ft 300t x 5.5m 300t x 5.5m
    Max. Boom Length 295ft 90m 90m
    Max. Fixed Jib Combination 256ft + 100ft 78m + 30m 78m + 30m
    Max. Luffing Jib Combination 197ft + 217ft 60m + 66m 60m + 66m
    Heavy Fixed Jib Combination 236ft + 98ft 72m + 30m 72m + 30m
    HL Max. Lifting Capacity 460,625lbs x 28.9ft 208t x 8.8m 208t x 8.8m
    Max. Boom Length 256ft 78m 78m
    Max. Luffing Jib Combination 217ft + 197ft 66m + 60m 66m + 60m
    SHL Max. Lifting Capacity 771,750lbs x 26.2ft 350t x 8.0m 350t x 8.0m
    Max. Boom Length 335ft 102m 102m
    Max. Luffing Jib Combination 276 ft + 295ft 84m + 90m 84m + 90m