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The Beginning of a Cycle That Contributes to the Environment

We have raised the standards created for the environment by re-examining the energy we consume. Eliminating needless operations and innovating engine functions allowed us to reduce fuel consumption and transformed the mechanisms that move the crane into a cycle that benets the environment.

Unparalleled efficiency that will revolutionize transport

Our efforts to transform thinking about transporting equipment have resulted in greater efficiency in every possible area. We designed the CKE-G series, BME-G series to require less work and to be easier to transport, and to ensure safety during assembly and disassembly. What's more, simpler, more efficient loading for transport have reduced the cost of both transport and storage. 

CKE800G-2 Weight : 26,660kg Width : 2,990mm CKE2500G-2 Weight : 44,570kg Width:2,900mm

Six Major Attachments That Make Transport & Assembly More Efficient

Delivering Comfort and Peace of Mind

The design of the CKE-G series, BME-G series represents a new approach to safety and the human senses. Together with improved safety, the layout of the cab space offers heightened levels of comfort and ease of use. What's more, consideration for safety permeates throughout the entire design, all with the aim of preventing accidents.

Model CKE800G-2 CKE900G-2 CKE1100G-2
CKE800G-3 CKE800G-2 CKE900G-3 CKE900G-2 CKE1100G-3 CKE1100G-2
Max. Lifting Capacity 80 t × 3.0 m 90 t × 3.9 m 110 t × 3.6 m
Max. Boom Length 54.9 m 61.0 m 70.1 m
Max. Fixed Jib Combination 42.7 m + 18.3 m, 45.7 m + 12.2 m 51.8 m + 18.3 m 61.0 m + 21.3 m
Max. Luffing Jib Combination NA NA NA
Model CKE1350G-2 CKE2500G-2 BME800G
CKE1350G-2 CKE2500G-2 BME800G-2
Max. Lifting Capacity 150 t × 4.4 m 250 t × 4.6 m 80 t × 3.6 m
Max. Boom Length 76.2 m 91.4 m 54.9 m
Max. Fixed Jib Combination 61.0 m + 30.5 m 76.2 m + 30.5 m NA
Max. Luffing Jib Combination 44.8 m + 53.3 m, 47.9 m + 32.0 m 61.0 m + 61.0 m NA
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