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Perpetual Challenge

We "KOBELCO" have continued to introduce numerous world-first and industry-first products and technologies since we developed a first domestic electric excavator in 1930. Our theme for the product development is to yield "construction machinery that is friendly to both people and the planet" while featuring outstanding environmental performance. It is our "KOBELCO DNA" that has supported our evolution since our company established.

Our production history is a chain of challenges in which we attempted to overcome technical issues that none have tackled yet. Starting with the development of Japan’s first electric excavator, we perfected the technology for mechanical excavators. We also adopted and developed crane technology and advanced the cutting-edge technology for hydraulic excavators. Moreover, we also succeeded in the development of the world’s first hybrid excavator. All of them have been possible due to our spirit of perpetual challenge, the very heart of the KOBELCO DNA that resides in each and every one of our employees.

80 years and more have passed since KOBELCO CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY was established. We have advanced by challenging every difficulty and that policy will be unhangeble. To be the first creator of an unequalled, people and planet friendly construction machinery, that is our vision.